The Happy Couple

Author: Dr. Sam Bradley

ISBN 978-0-9708659-2-2 (softcover)

430 pages


"The Happy Couple" is two extraordinarily useful books in one volume. One book, "The Happy Wife: A Woman's Guide to Marital Success", explains how a marries woman can effectively overcome obstacles and find success and fulfillment as a wife. The other book, "The Happy Husband: A Guy's Guide to Marital Success", explains how a married man can effectively overcome obstacles and find success and fulfillment as a husband. "The Happy Wife" and "The Happy Husband" books follow parallel chapters and explore similar themes. This enables a wife and husband to learn the same necessary principles for being successfully married and apply them together as they become a happy couple. One of the most incredible relationships in life can occur between a husband and wife who are happily married. "The Happy Couple" can help your marriage and make it satisfying and fulfilling.


Dr. Bradley received his Ph.D. from the University of Washington in 1973. Before that he earned his BA and MA from the University of Maryland while working for a U.S. Senator. During this time he witnessed the passing of many laws, including the Voting Rights Act of 1964. He was invited to the White House on three occasions, one of which was the signing of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. He has enjoyed a lifelong interest in politics, and held elective office as a Port Commissioner for four years.
After receiving his Ph.D. he spent two years in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the School of Medicine, University of Washington as a Senior Fellow. During this time he broadened his research and clinical skills and finished an American Psychological Association internship, mostly on the adolescent inpatient unit. Pursuing an interest in teaching, he was an adjunct assistant professor for five years in the Departments of Communications and Psychology at Central Washington University (CWU). He designed several courses during his tenure at CWU.
In 1976, he became licensed as a clinical psychologist and started a private practice in Olympia, Washington, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of depression, and couple's therapy. It was during this time that he developed his "Brief (No-Bullshit) Marital Therapy" workshop for professionals. He currently offers this workshop once a year through Antioch University in Seattle. In addition, he has given numerous talks and presentations to lay and professional organizations.
He had the good sense in 1982 to marry Eileen Connor from Yorkshire, England. Their daughter, Katy Connor, was born in 1985. He, Eileen and Katy took three months off in 1996 to travel around the world visiting 12 countries. The motivation for this trip came from Dr. Bradley's survival from cancer in 1994. He had cancer again in 2000 but is well today. He celebrates his wellness by working out doing step aerobics and body combat four times a week, and participating in the Senior Games track meet where he has won a total of six gold medals.
He enjoys writing and is proud of his latest book, "The Happy Couple", and hopes it helps couples become successful and fulfilled in their choice to be a husband and a wife.

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