Tech Psychologist's Guide to Technology and Access Tools

Author: Dr. Jeanne Beckman

ISBN 978-1-60264-089-4 (softcover)

268 pages

Schools are only shepherds along the way in ALL children's lives, providing necessary preparation and guidance, so that they can become increasingly independent, with self-esteem intact for the next learning/living environment they will face. Dr. Beckman's guide ensures appropriate access tools are available to people with special needs.
In this age of technological innovation parents ask, "Can I find tools which will help my child learn and be successful?" Teachers ask, "Can I implement assistive technology even though I'm not a computer expert?" Administrators ask, "Can I know if assistive technology is effective?" Dr. Jeanne Beckman resoundingly answers, "Yes, you can." With her 25 years of personal and professional experience, Dr. Beckman has learned how to effectively provide assistive technology for people with special needs. --James Nuttall, Ph.D., Psychologist and Education Research Consultant, Michigan Department of Education
Wow! This book is a great resource, which empowers parents to advocate for their children who have learning issues. The DIMS method- Does it Make Sense- is a very logical approach to brainstorming and putting into place the most effective solutions to enhance the learning process... offers parents and other educators a logical step-by-step approach to help children succeed academically.
--Joan L. Green, M.A. CCC_SLP,
author: "Technology for Communication and Cognitive Treatment: The Clinician's Guide"


Dr. Beckman is a developmental and clinical psychologist who specializes in technology evaluations and individualized training for inclusive settings based on The DIMS Approach- to problem solving.
Dr. Beckman looks at behavior within the context of normal development, always asking the question of whether what we're asking the student to do is developmentally appropriate, that is, does the student have the same opportunities to learn as his peers in a manner that will allow dignity and future growth?

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