T.R.Y. = The Real You: The Handbook for the Neophyte

Author: McRay White, Sr.

ISBN 978-1-62137-273-8 (Softcover)

234 pages

As the author of this reference I have to make a statement. Although this information may appear to be spiritual in nature, it does not imply that I am a saint. I am just a human being trying to get to the truth about myself and where I come from. I had the opportunity to enter into apprenticeship as a priest some years back which gave me the chance to study ancient text that opened a new realm of experience and enlightenment for me. Since then I have studied other scripture that has helped to narrow the path a bit for me. So what I have done is simply bring all the information that I have gleaned from my research and organized it so that it makes sense for me and maybe for you.


This book is dedicated to the memory of McRay White, Sr. (Ramabhadra). Before he was born he was chosen by God as his seed was planted in his father and transposed to his mother. God’s plan for him was to spread spiritual enlightenment to make this a better world for all.

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