Shooting the Stickbow: 2nd Edition

 Author: Anthony Camera

ISBN 978-1-60264-244-7

438 pages

"Shooting the Stickbow" is the first comprehensive treatise on shooting modern recurves and longbows!

Topics include equipment choices (bow, arrows, strings, shooting gloves and tabs, arm guards, arrow rests and sights), shooting form (proper anchoring, shoulder alignment, back tension, breathing and more), tuning (four methods are described and compared), aiming (five aiming methods are fully explained and contrasted), physical and mental aspects if becoming a proficient archer (functional anatomy for the archer and how it relates to shooting and the mental game of winning are discussed in detail and exercises are provided to enhance both physical and mental performance).

"Shooting the Stickbow" answers the questions most often asked by new archers and delves into topics not often considered, but critical to accurate shooting for experienced archers.

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