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Recollections of My Life

Author: John Findley

ISBN 978-1-62137-368-1 (softcover)
ISBN: 978-0-98942-490-5 (eBook)

176 pages. 


As these stories have come to my memory, I realize how lucky I have been throughout my life and how fortunate I am to have the time to write them down. I have, in recording them, relived the time of my life that they cover and, in my thoughts mostly, kept company with old friends and relies. It follows my life from starting school to my retirement; how I adapted in my life, police encounters as a teenager, dating, marriage, traveling, becoming a father, divorce and then the blending of two households. I hope you will enjoy this book; my journey, my memories, my life.X

Category: Biography, Memoirs, Non-Fiction

Type: books

Vendor: John Findley

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