Love and Fear

Author: Robert Gilbert

ISBN 978-1-60264-578-3 (softcover) 
ISBN 978-1-60264-579-0 (hardcover)

286 pages

A young doctor, Frank Ballard, marries Isabel Lara. No one would ever imagine that while on their honeymoon in Mexico, the newlyweds would become involved in drug smuggling. It was something that would force them to live in fear for almost half a decade and prompt two attempts on their lives.
This is a tale of two couples, one, a young Mexican American woman and a young doctor, the other, the woman's sister and a clever young law student. It is the tale if the one couple's love and the fear that burdens them for many years. And it is the tale of the other couple's stormy relationship.
The story embraces almost half a decade of conflict between good and evil in the war on drugs. The conclusion is heartwarming, but contains an omen for a dark future.


The author was born in W. VA and grew up in Ohio. He earned an M.D. and went on to become a general surgeon. He married, joined the Army, and went to Korea and then to Viet Nam, where he served as a medical officer in an airborne unit and learned to jump from airplanes. After twenty years in the Army and after seven children, he retired from the military as a colonel and spent the next ten years teaching a surgical residency program. He then retired to his horse farm in rural New Jersey, where he now lives with his wife, Ihn Jae, and where he breeds and trains thoroughbred racehorses. Until his retirement, the bulk of his published material was in medical journals and newspapers. After retirement he began writing fiction. This is his second novel.

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