Border Heat

Author: Terry Paddack

ISBN 978-1-60264-658-2 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-60264-859-3 (eBook)

298 pages

Gregorio Garza, the son of the richest man in the world, is flying on family business when his irresponsible brother Fabian crashes into the sea, killing his twin sister. When his father shows little remorse for the death of his daughter and no interest in the punishment of Fabian, Gregorio seeks escape in the Baja where he takes on a new name, Bonito, and the life of a fisherman in a small village. His father, using political influence and money, finds him and sends Fabian with a message ─ come home.

Fearing what his father could do to the people in his new life, Bonito disappears. He illegally crosses into the U. S. and finds a job at a small airport outside of Tucson.

His father, in his relentless pursuit, finds him again and sends Fabian to bring Bonito home. Fabian irresponsibly flies through Tucson Airport's airspace buzzing the control tower; causing a fatal crash. His father's connections ensure the blame is placed on Bonito's air traffic controller girlfriend.

With his new life ruined, Gregorio returns to Mexico with a new commitment. He is going to have Fabian held accountable for his recklessness ─ no matter what takes.


Terry Paddack's profession as an air traffic controller began in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands in 1976. After working for three years in the St. Thomas Control Tower, he transferred to Tucson, Arizona for a year and a half followed by third career move to the New York Common IFR room at JFK Airport.

In 1981 it was closed and replaced by a new facility called the New York TRACON, or Terminal Radar Approach Control. While training there, Terry joined over 11,000 other unionized controllers who went on strike, were fired from their jobs and permanently barred by Presidential Order from returning to any FAA facility to work in their chosen profession until 1993 when a second Presidential Order was issued allowing for fired controllers to "reapply" for their job.

Terry holds a B.S. degree from California State University at Northridge. He currently resides with is wife on Long Island, New York and is employed in his subsequent profession and a machinery and equipment appraiser.

"Border Heat" is his third published work. Character and events from his other published novels, "Crossing Runaways" and "Island Fever," continue to reappear and live again.

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