Temporary Permanence, by Yashi Nozawa

Temporary Permanence, by Yashi Nozawa
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    ISBN 978-1-62137-050-5 (softcover), $9.95, 206 pages.
    "Temporary Permanence" is a collection of short stories based on the author's experience, even though all personal and place names are changed. Every story is entertaining and includes a surprise ending. This book is a potpourri of anecdotes worth remembering, useful information, emotionally stimulating episodes, ridiculously unrealistic comedy, sadly true incidents, mysteriously strange experiences, and tales of greedy people. However, most stories describe true human nature, often negative, egoistic, selfish and greedy, seen in myself, colleagues, or other respectable persons. Occasionally I have met a really good person, but societies are composed of real human beings, not robots, or saints. This makes the world we live in interesting. In general, most people have many faults with some good qualities. I hope I have captured the mixed character of individuals in my stories. I divided my forty-plus stories into six parts, based on progressive stages of my life. However, each story is independent and can be read in any sequence without losing flavor. I will guarantee that you will enjoy every one of my stories.

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