Life with an Angel

Author: Michael E. Johnson

ISBN 978-1-60264-009-2 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-010-8 (hardcover)

208 pages

Discover the meaning of life as you travel with twelve-year-old Joe Anderson, along with his younger brother Mitch and their friend, Amy Peterson. You will be with them as they meet an Angel named Mary Margaret (MM)... As they lay peacefully in bed MM takes them through the skies back in time. When they land they are in Dawsonville, OH during the 1800s. There, they are caught in a blazing ferry fire that changes an entire community and unites the town to love and care for one another. When they return to their present day, they help save one of their school teachers from suicide, help a friend that lives in an environment of domestic violence, and help free a kidnapped victim from an evil man. Read as this evil man is forced to face off with Mary Margaret and he sees, firsthand, what death will be like for his evil ways. The story is not without a murder mystery. Joe and Mitch's grandfather is murdered and Joe gets to help a police officer investigate the senseless death of his loving grandfather, Ira. You will view life from heaven and learn what it is like to be an Angel.


Michael Johnson's "Life with an Angel" is his first novel. His writing started as an inspiration for his grandchildren, but he admits that while he was writing about the Angel, Mary Margaret, it helped to revitalize his own faith as well. He hopes that readers will learn about God in a simple to understand, easy to read storytelling approach. He feels that this could be a 'Baby-Boomer' genre and his desire is that people who read it will enjoy it while it strengthens their faith. Johnson was raised in Indiana and served 31 years as a police officer with a small city within central Indiana; he retired as the Chief of Police. Prior to that, he was in the Marines and fought as a combat veteran in the Vietnam War. Currently, he is the Security Director for a major hospital in central Indiana. Others that have been an inspiration to him are his parents - Robert and Hazel Johnson - his wife and family - and Father Vincent Capodanno, who he met while serving in Vietnam. He and his wife, Vicki, live in Shelbyville, Indiana. They have four grown children and nine grandchildren to whom this book is dedicated.

Category: Fiction, Religious

Type: books

Vendor: Michael E. Johnson

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