Divine Dialogues: With Biblical Personalities

Author: Daniel R. Seagren

ISBN 978-1-62137-785-6 (eBook)

226 Pages




Some would say putting words into God's thoughts is an audacious idea. And that is a risk. On the other hand, there is also the possibility of being sensitive to God and His word by imagining what might be said under certain circumstances.

This is what we have tried to do with these conversations. With hundreds of possibilities, we have chosen to create a selected variety of conversations. The vignettes (sketches) move more or less chronologically through the Bible. These brief conversations will not cover every Biblical person, nor every aspect of an individual, or setting. Admittedly, at times we are not sure if it God speaking or the Holy Spirit as you will discover in the third Section.

As you engage your creative imagination, hopefully it will bring about a better understanding of God's Word as we meander conversationally through the Bible. Do not be surprised if there are other possible interpretations in these conversations since they are imaginative dialogues suggested by various circumstances.

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