Looking Unto Jesus

Author: Patton Wray

ISBN 978-1-60264-669-8 (softcover)

ISBN 978-1-60264-668-1 (eBook)

388 pages

Who is Jesus? Infinite God once cloaked in human form, or the world's most significant man? A God/man, or the man of God's own choosing? The Creator or the Messiah? Trinitarians insist that Jesus is God and that this belief is both obvious and essential Christian doctrine. But "Looking Unto Jesus" reviews the relevant biblical text to demonstrate that this fourth-century doctrine not only has no biblical basis, but also contradicts hundreds of clear biblical statements. Special emphasis is given to Trinitarian "proof verses", showing that none support the doctrine of the Trinity; each verse group actually disallows the doctrine.
"Looking Unto Jesus" also traces how Jesus' faith alone provides New Testament salvation faith. Because Jesus obeyed God perfectly, he enabled our faith by grace. Jesus enabled all who call on his name to walk in his steps and inherit what he wrought by obedience unto death. Understanding Jesus' dependency on God fortifies one's own faith. It inspires the believer to work the works of Jesus Christ and to please God.
"Looking Unto Jesus" is a comprehensive, precise, succinct and accessible study of Jesus' unique relationship to God by faith.


Quandary: Is Jesus God, a man, or both? Determined to let the Bible speak for itself, he reviewed all the claims, compiled clear biblical statements and analyzed difficult verses using universally accepted biblical research tools. After recognizing that most Christians were as confused as he had been, Wray organized his research in Looking unto Jesus so that any novice or theologian can systematically compare claims about Jesus against the biblical text. Wray also answers these questions: What is faith? Did Jesus need to have faith? How does the faith of Jesus Christ benefit each one of his followers? Wray removes all confusion regarding Trinitarian claims while demonstrating the exceptional clarity and uniformity of the Bible's view of Jesus.
After 35 years, the author still considers his accepting Jesus as Lord as the wisest decision of his life. Wray lives with his wife of 29 years in suburban Philadelphia.

Category: Inspirational, Non-Fiction, Religion

Type: books

Vendor: Patton Wray

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