A Gift Called Mother: The Stages and Fantasies of Motherhood

Author: Sherlyn Powell

ISBN 978-1-60264-704-6 (softcover)
ISBN 978-1-60264-718-3 (eBook)
82 pages


Sherlyn Powell shares a brief chapter out of her life. Some of her most joyful but sometimes poignant moments are revealed. She opens up about her tearful journey and the test of faith that is synonymous with being a mother. Through her experiences she shares that lack of communication can tear a family apart and reminds us that from infancy to teenager the commitment to be a loving family doesn’t end there. While no family is perfect faith in God should remain in the forefront of our lives. She sprinkles quotes from the Bible and ties them into life as she takes a look at the stages and fantasies of being granted a gift called Mother.

She asks the question, "Who else on this earth has your back when you need them but family?"


Sherlyn Powell majored in Business Management and began her career in business, working for major corporations in Corporate America before pursuing her writing career. She always aspired to be a writer, and to follow her dreams, she began taking writing classes as she wrote her first novel. She is the proud mother of two children. Her daughter and her son have been her heart. She spent her life creating a relationship with her children, teaching them more than their ABC's and numbers. She wanted to instill in them to love, trust and to believe in themselves. She believes in teaching and guiding children to believe in themselves. She also supports them in the quest to fulfill their goals and dreams. She says "If you think you can't-you won't, if you believe you can-you will." She is the author of two romance novels, Something Desirable and Captured Hearts. She is writing her third novel and moving forward with future projects. She resides in Virginia with her husband.

Visit Sherlyn Powell's website at www.sherlynpowell.com


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