The 9-11 Syndrome, by Thomas Blow

The 9-11 Syndrome, by Thomas Blow
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    The 9-11 Syndrome describes a problem Americans have in resolving to prepare against new and different threats before they occur. This syndrome is detailed as a pattern of societal behavior that requires murderous attacks and other elements before effective action can be taken. However, a major future challenge is on the horizon in which the pattern doesn't work, a third challenge on the order of a Pearl Harbor or a 9-11 -- a Pearl Harbor in space that would leave America without access to space, living beneath a virtual laser curtain. Many concrete differences in this type of challenge indicate that unless America breaks with the pattern and takes prior preventive measures, Americans may awaken to learn they have no reasonable options for recovering after-the-fact. If the Syndrome can be overcome, the book describes specific alternatives that will be available; otherwise, Americans may have only the ability to threaten potentially grave terrestrial wars or to do nothing of substance and watch America in terminal decline.

    Thomas Blow holds M.A. degrees in History and Humanities from the University of Alabama and California State University. He researched the threat described in this book for three years while working as an analyst in a think-tank in the US Air Force. He published a paper on his research while there, and a three-part series in Jane's Soviet Intelligence Review. Now he has expanded this research into a book, updating it with recent initiatives, including the study directed by Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. Also, he has outlined in this work a new, overt, and direct threat to US access to space by the Chinese, which may greatly accelerate the timetable for necessary action.


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