Faith and Your Vote, by Dr. Xavier.

Faith and Your Vote, by Dr. Xavier.
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    ISBN 978-1-60264-670-4 (softcover) $12.95, 176 pages.

    The 2004 election indicated a shift in American politics: a return to moral values as the basis for electing our representatives. But which party was really more driven by moral values? For those who voted Republican, this book confirms what we knew all along: the election was about moral values, and morality won. But this was only the first step - we really should be analyzing all political issues based on moral principles and selecting our political representatives accordingly. For those who voted Democrat, we know that our choice was also made based on moral values, and we cannot believe how Christians could have voted any differently on many issues. In 2008, America voted for change. But which leader was really following Christian precepts? This book analyzes each political issue in the context of the Bible and attempts to determine the most Christian position. It is apparent that both parties still have a long ways to go to fully adhere to religious teachings, but, in the end, agreeing on moral positions for each issue could bring both parties closer together and allow America to stand united once again. We can do this if we select our representatives based on moral values. Yes we can!


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