A Fairy of Anneliese Glade, by Michael A. Gibbs

A Fairy of Anneliese Glade, by Michael A. Gibbs
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    ISBN 1-58939-598-0. $15.95. Softcover. 300 Pages.
    A Fairy of Anneliese Glade is the title of one of twenty-eight fantasy, ghost, and science fiction stories created for the thinking reader or anyone whose thoughts have wandered beyond the limits of perceived reality. Into these stories have gone unending hours of research, imaginings, and mental pictures drawn from the author's experience and expertise. Here are the trials, adventures, and mistakes of fictional characters whose breath of life is as believable as their situations. Although the stories share the common aspect of deviation from the norm, each is different in setting, conflict, and emotion. Pre-Colonial America becomes as real in these pages as do the inhabitants of alien worlds and present-day spirits.

    Each story's basis (whether history, legend, or technology) was carefully researched and dissected to produce an unexpected realism to the characters and their environs.

    An achievement resulting from years of experience and study, A Fairy of Anneliese Glade is a "must read" for those of us who have a slightly tilted view of what is, what was, and what might be.

    Michael A. Gibbs, a retired police officer, is now a full-time writer. His short stories, nonfiction, and poetry have appeared in several widely read national magazines. He is the author of three novels: Call of the Whippoorwill, Fallon's Hope, and Inherited Shame.

    Several of the stories in A Fairy of Anneliese Glade reflect, albeit opaquely, some of his experiences as a state police trooper and investigator. Michael lives in Fincastle, VA.


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