Spare Time, by Michael Murphy

Spare Time, by Michael Murphy
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    “Spare Time” by Michael Murphy. ISBN 978-0-98567-472-4(hardcover), $22.95. ISBN 978-0-98567-471-7 (softcover), $14.95. 312 Pages.

    Turmoil in the Middle East. Economic crisis in Europe. Violations of the Constitution in the United States. Division, fear, entitlements, and class envy are tearing the nation he loves apart. Why doesn’t someone do something about it? If efforts are made to change the direction of things, will someone be upset enough to try and stop it? To what lengths will either side go to stop the other?

    Spare Time, a novel about the issues the real world and the United States face, takes a fictional look at real solutions to real problems. Everyone is busy, but maybe we can get something accomplished … in our spare time.


    Michael and his wife Janis live in a log house they built on the plains. A retired captain with a major airline, Michael is active in the alpaca industry while keeping up with the bed-and-breakfast they operate out of their home. In addition to his love for aviation, Michael also enjoys bow hunting and shooting various firearms, gardening, raising livestock and fowl, meeting new people … and now, writing. They have four grown children and fourteen grandchildren.

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    Reviewer: Brenda 08/21/2012
    I have known the author since high school. He has a depth about him that is quite unique. This book has a mixture of humor, sadness, intrigue,politics, mystery, charm, sweetness, as well as being insightful and just a plain good read! Grab a cup of tea and curl up... You won't want to put the book down!
    Reviewer: Renee 08/09/2012
    Here is a book that combines the passion for independance, fairness and freedom of our Founding Fathers in early America with solutions and insight to many of the same problems in government that we are having today. Rather then becoming overwhelmed and fustrated this realistic present-day novel offers sulutions and inspiration on top of adventure and intrigue. Here is a new novel that livens up anyones spare time adding power and action to amazing ideas. Spare Time entertains while making a sobering impact that leaves a gold landmark on the fields of your thoughts. In short,it takes ordinary people and cleverly exposes their extraordinary abilities, adventures and answers to contain the dark side... OUTSTANDING!
    Reviewer: Ned 08/06/2012
    Wow! I can't remember the last time I read a book that I just couldn't bear to put down. The story seems so real that I felt that I was on the inside and hated for it to end. I was delighted to read a modern novel that was not filled with sex and un-needed violence. Mr. Murphy deserves a BIG thumbs up on this one. I hope to see more from this author.