Mikey's New Home, by Winnie Woo

Mikey's New Home, by Winnie Woo
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    ISBN: 978-1-60264-197-6, softcover, $12.95, 24 pages
    Mikey is a handsome goldfish who comes to a new aquarium because he had his top fin bitten by some mean fish. He is very self-conscious about his scar and is afraid to make friends in his new home because they might think he is scary or ugly. With the help of Lisa, a beautiful Barb fish, Mikey learns that everyone has scars, some are visible and some are not.

    "Mikey's New Home" is the second in a series of books written by Linda Marini, writing under the pen name of Winnie Woo. Linda works as a student counselor with children and with suggestions from them about what worries them, has put together a series of books to be published over the next several months. Her first book, "Sonny Finds a Blessing," is about seizures. Some of the upcoming topics include AD/HD, adoption, speech problems, hospitalization, and more. Linda lives in Dixon, Illinois with her husband Tom and is a retired YMCA Executive Director.


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