Chaw Den, by Patrick D. Catlett

Chaw Den, by Patrick D. Catlett
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    ISBN 978-1-60264-416-8, $14.95, 222 pages.
    After being driven from his homeland, Iridan has taken refuge in the rival kingdom of Shekul. While the mysterious messenger Ut continues to bring a growing evil to Su'Meeryn, Jaleph and his battlehardened army pursue their bloody conquests of neighboring lands. When Jaleph and Ut turn their attention to Shekul, Iridan must find a way to stop his former king. He is sent on a dangerous mission to a far-off land which will lead to an exciting and deadly confrontation between the two kingdoms.

    "Chaw Den" is the riveting climax to "The Ring of Naar" and "The Wolf and the Worm."

    Patrick D. Catlett lives in suburban Chicago with his wife and two children. He received a B.A. in history from Trinity College in Deerfield, IL, and currently works for one of the world's largest insurance companies. In his free time, he enjoys bicycling and traveling.


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