Beyond the Clipboard: Coaching Philosophies for Building Strong Teams - Second Edition, by Jay Sea

Beyond the Clipboard: Coaching Philosophies for Building Strong Teams - Second Edition, by Jay Sea
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    ISBN 978-1-60264-683-4 (softcover). $12.95. 62 pages.

    "Beyond the Clipboard" takes a refreshing new look at how to build a strong team in any sport. Having strong teams year in and year out depends on more than just knowing X's and O's, it requires a coach to be aware of the intangibles that help young athletes mature and grow, creating solid programs in the process. With chapters that include accountability, trust, communication, heading a program, and structuring practice time, "Beyond the Clipboard" is a manual for both the new coach and the veteran. Packed full of information touching on all the areas that go into creating competitive teams, it is a handbook that will guide coaches from the first day of tryouts right through the last game of the season. Included are worksheets after each chapter to help coaches design a system that fits into their own philosophy. This is a must-have manual for anyone serious about the coaching profession, whether it is a recreation team or a high school program.


    Jay Seaborg has been involved in athletics for over forty-five years, first as a player, then as a coach. Coach Seaborg is the head softball coach at Century High School in Sykesville, Maryland, where his teams have won county, conference, and regional titles. Combining his solid sports background with cutting edge and sound psychological practices, Coach Seaborg has built a strong program at Century. His background includes playing basketball and baseball in both high school and college, as well as more than twenty seasons as a coach of every level from middle school athletes through college and into adult leagues. Coach Seaborg has coached both boy's and girl's basketball at the high school level in addition to his present position as Head Coach of the softball program, where he was voted the 2008 Coach of the Year. In Beyond the Clipboard, he has condensed his decades of experience into a guide for coaches at all levels. The principles are field tested and successful. The easy-to-follow guide will help both the rookie coach and the veteran as they go about building their programs.


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