Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial, by Stephen Davis

Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial, by Stephen Davis
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    ISBN. 1-58939-868-8. Softcover. $12.95. 392 pages. Ebook also available.
    WRONGFUL DEATH: The AIDS Trial is a fictitious courtroom drama exposing the government lies and incompetence, gross medical malpractice, and unbridled greed by a drug company that caused our American AIDS epidemic and cost 300,000 lives in just ten years – five times the number killed in the entire Vietnam War!

    After twenty-five years, you will finally learn the truth about HIV and AIDS as it unfolds in this three-trillion-dollar class-action lawsuit. Find out from expert legal witnesses why the virus we have been calling HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS. Read the testimony that in 1987, when the FDA finally approved AZT – the drug that was supposed to treat AIDS – it began causing AIDS, and every person who took it would die within four years. Then see the list of more than 900 actual medical and scientific research papers and reports on which the truth is based.

    If you like courtroom drama, you’ll want to read this book.

    If you ever knew someone with AIDS or HIV, you need to read this book.

    If you still believe the government and the FDA are protecting you against deadly diseases and dangerous drugs, you must read this book!

    Stephen Davis is a former Arizona State Senator, commercial pilot, captain of a whale and dolphin research ship, and a founding member and musical director for "Up With People."

    "I have never had a homosexual experience, nor have I ever used any recreational drugs. I am also HIV-negative and have never known anyone who had AIDS. In that sense, I am completely objective. But from the very beginning, probably from the combination of my medical training and my own personal experiences in government, I did not believe the media story that HIV caused AIDS, or that AIDS was contagious, or that it was transmitted by sexual contact. I had a sneaking suspicion that it was more like somebody's sick idea to make us afraid of having sex, which can be a powerful and empowering and spiritual experience - something the government would prefer to keep in check.

    "However, I was not aware of all the political intrigue, lies, or money-motivated manipulations that have accompanied this medical disaster until I read Dr. Peter Duesberg's book, 'Inventing the AIDS Virus.' I'm asking you to read my novel now and then join me in becoming part of the solution."


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