Tomorrow the Stars, by William Walling

Tomorrow the Stars, by William Walling
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    ISBN 1-58939-412-7. $13.95. Softcover. 196 Pages.

    Perplexed after a series of inexplicable appearances, Cosmologist Roger Shore is dismayed when an unearthly stranger materializes aboard orbiting Galileo Observatory and pointedly questions him about faster-than-light spacecraft development. Further baffled when only his voice registers on a recording of the exchange, Shore becomes fascinated when Galileo's director reveals the existence of a clandestine effort to make interstellar flight a reality. Sponsored by Alexis Lemmon, wealthy daughter of the revered Nobelist who "fathered" thermonuclear fusion power, Project Demeter was founded on the technological quantum leap achieved by a Chinese physicist. Invited to lend their expertise, Shore and a colleague join the intrepid crew in transit to Demeter's base in the asteroid belt, far from prying eyes among the sunward planets, where earthly Third World "have-nots" would violently oppose a profligate waste of resources on some fairy tale like starflight. The base's total isolation leaves Demeter's personnel vulnerable to hindrance and then near-lethal interference from a malicious, dedicated alien entity, for the stakes, Shore and his associates learn, are infinitely greater than they can imagine. Reaching the nearest star system-a culture-defining benchmark as well as triumph of technology-will apparently qualify humanity for inclusion in a vast, unnamed forum of intergalactic intelligences.

    William Walling, a lifelong Californian, is a former aerospace engineer (Lockheed Missiles & Space Company). He was employed during the Desert Storm conflict by a Menlo Park producer of Flight Motion Simulators, and most recently as technical journalist for a supplier of Global Positioning Systems.Bill and Judy live in the heart of Silicon Valley, and have three daughters, and one grandson. Bill has published three novels which are no longer in print, plus science articles and numerous magazine novelettes and short stories, all of the latter in the speculative fiction genre. He has only recently returned to writing fiction. His hobbies are films, music and astronomy.

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    Reviewer: tammy 09/27/2012
    The orbiting Galileo Observatory suddenly has an unexpected unearthly visitor on board who has many questions about the "faster-than-light development". Roger Shore, Cosmologist, finds this new uninvited guest to be very strange and disturbing. Later on Roger finds out his director reveals plans to make interstellar flight a reality. It's not everyday when you have an unearthly creature appear out of nowhere, but when Roger went back to listen to the recording he only heard one voice and it was his. At this point I felt the book added an air of mystery. As each new character was introduced, the book stated to take off and I was anxious to see what was going to happen next. The journey begins with a crew in transit to Demeter's Base to find out more about star flight. Joining this crew is Roger Shore , Alexis and a colleague of Roger's. What they will learn here is far from what anyone could have ever have imagined. This book is packed with aliens, mystery and a very vivid colorful imagination on the author's part, which I enjoyed immensely. He has written in a way that you are so caught up and fascinated you will find it hard to let go once you reach the end of the book. It will leave you with a ton of questions about space travel and the stars above us and you will find that your own imagination will be going wild thinking about the many possibilities in the stars. A must read for curious science fiction avid readers.