Sometimes the Dragon Wins, by William Walling

Sometimes the Dragon Wins, by William Walling
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    ISBN 1-58939-496-8. $13.95. Softcover. 272 Pages.

    Chin Zhonghua Renmin Gonghehuo, the Peoples Republic of China, achieves an economic triumph with its "Great Leap Upward," the successful late 21st century deployment of a "space elevator" rising from an equatorial mountain peak in Borneo to an enormous microgravity production satellite in geosynchronous orbit, and beyond to a spacecraft inertial launch and retrieval complex that permits commercial products assembled in Luna to be transported to Earth at negligible cost.

    UN Intelligence Agency Field Officer Rodolfo "Rudy" Cateel is blackmailed into performing a "mission impossible" designed to penetrate Artsutanov's closely guarded secrets, then temporarily sabotage elevator operations. Cateel becomes embroiled in a subtle plot hatched by China's counterintelligence director, who is frightened to think economic overkill might result in a thermonuclear holocaust instigated by the Western powers.

    Elevator repair and rework are mandatory, yet the scheme to create an artificial hiatus in service so that China can "save face" by not arbitrarily shutting down operations goes awry when a double-agent is instructed to do away with Cateel, then perform totally destructive sabotage. The fast-paced action takes place in Tokyo, California, Borneo and out into space when the reader is taken for a ride on the space elevator.

    William Walling, a lifelong Californian, is a former aerospace engineer (Lockheed Missiles & Space Company). Employed during the Desert Storm conflict by a Menlo Park producer of Flight Motion Simulators, and more recently as technical journalist for a supplier of Global Positioning Systems, Sometimes The Dragon Wins is his second science fiction e-book available at

    Bill and Judy live in the heart of Silicon Valley, and have three daughters, and one grandson. Bill has published three novels which are no longer in print, plus science articles and numerous magazine novelettes and short stories, all of the latter in the speculative fiction genre. He has only recently returned to writing fiction. His hobbies are films, music and astronomy.


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    Reviewer: Diana 09/17/2012
    Sometimes the Dragon Wins is a wonderful science fiction novel. It can also be categorized as political conspiracy fiction. As most of us know, there have been talks in the past of building an elevator to the moon. This novel makes it a reality. China manages to build one first and takes over the world economically. That doesn’t sit well with western civilization so they feel it’s up to them to do something about it. This novel brings together spies, FBI agents, CIA agents, officials from Europe and so on to work as a team against a common enemy. William Walling puts into perspective what could happen if such an elevator was to ever be accomplished. I really enjoyed how Mr. Walling painted each person and place so I could see it all clearly in my mind’s eye and feel as if I was there walking and fighting next to the characters. It’s hard to remember the novel is fiction, he puts so much reality based information into it that it reads more like actual events. This is a page turner from the start to finish. I couldn’t stop reading even when I needed to. I highly recommend this book firstly for all the science fiction fans but also for the more political minded people. It’s a great read for anyone, really, who enjoys a good action, mystery book. You won’t regret it.