ANT Java Notes, by A.T. Bell

ANT Java Notes, by A.T. Bell
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    ISBN 1-58939-738-X. $24.95. Softcover. 268 Pages.
    This long awaited IT beginners guide starts where no any other ANT book does. It provides the most elementary tutorial for using Java ANT. Whether you're new to Java programming or new to ANT, it will guide the reader through the concepts which every ANT programmer needs to understand. By the end of the book the reader will have a complete understanding of when and how to use ANT. It provides great detail into ANT's capabilities. Unlike its counterparts, this book assumes no understanding of JAVA ANT or even Java. It is a getting started reference and starts at an elementary level. It shows the reader how to use the tool and where to learn even more of the advanced ANT concepts for FREE! When finished, the reader will be well versed in Java ANT and know how to expand their knowledge even further. ANT reflects what the industry is using to build Java software today. This book is the first step in using it effectively.

    The author is an accomplished information systems architect in the industry. From development of advanced, real-time IT systems to design and development of complex software architectures, the author has been involved with many different aspects of IT. He has worked in the industry for two decades and is fluent in a variety of computer languages and information technologies. He has effectively managed over IT project managers and software application development teams, developing mission critical business software. He has been trained in important IT management philosophies. Mr. Bell has been exposed to managerial and engineering principles beyond the realm of basic IT business processes. His keen insights and technical skills have provided a significant benefit to all people interested in this difficult topic.


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