Dog Parking It!, by Gail S. Green, CPDT

Dog Parking It!, by Gail S. Green, CPDT
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    ISBN 978-1-60264-408-3, $16.95, 270 pages.
    "Dog Parking It!" will give you safety and etiquette tips, hours, amenities, and local vets near eachCalifornia dog park. Over 200 parks personally visited by the author and Twyla (her dog)! Presented by the co-founder of the first fenced dog park in the U.S.!

    "Grab your keys, grab your dog and go exploring! Whether you're looking for just the right local dog park or want to check out all that California has to offer, Dog Parking It! is the perfect book for dogs (and their people) who love to play, play, play! What a fun book--a well- written, quick and easy reference." - Toni Lee Hage, CTC, Fun Dawgs Dog Training- "Dog Parking It! is funny, informative and a totally delightful read. I recommend it to anyone who ever wanted to take their dog to a dog park. I truly loved it."- Lane Nemeth, Founder and CEO of Petlane- "It is not unusual to find brooks written about our pets. It is unusual to find a book written by an author who has such experience, passion, and professional savvy. Dog Parking It! is such a book. It is a coprenhensive, humorous review of the local dog parks in virtually every corner of the state. Ms. Green knowledgably assists us in the safe navigation of dog parks."- Valerie Schillaci-Levy, ABCDT, Wonderdog Behavioral Training- "Nicely done. Very easy to read and useful. If you're looking for the best dog park in your area, Gail's book should be the first place to go - concise, clear and dog-tested!" - Trish King, CPDT, CBC; Author: "Parenting Your Dog", Director, Behavior and Training, Marin Humane Society


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