Road of Agony, by Joel Savage

Road of Agony, by Joel Savage
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    ISBN 978-1-62137-074-1, $12.95. 130 pages.
    It started in Africa, the place often referred to as the Dark Continent, in terms of colour. But there is something more associated to the term dark, which might be spiritual or might be the simple chapters of the normal growing life of the African. However, such an experience of the normal growing life is too tough to handle.

    Babatunde is a young man, whose harsh experience after his father’s untimely death still haunts him. Exposed to the world at a very tender age, he meets unpleasant situations, untold hardships, physical and mental suffering, coupled with frustration, which could have led him to his grave, but he survives every ordeal.

    “Road of Agony” is a marvel of the humane, sorrowful, and lucid account, in a sharper, clearer image and understanding, of how corruption is within the police, border control officers, and the army in Africa. The writer has given the truest account of what happened to him, written in a startling manner as an African writer.


    Joel Savage follows after his father who was a veteran journalist. His father’s influence propelled his flair for writing at a very tender age. At school, he wrote numerous articles for publication. After secondary school, he followed a short course in journalism at the Ghana Institute of Journalism in Accra to acquire more experience and writing skills.

    As a freelance writer, Joel wrote feature articles for the Daily Graphic, the Ghanaian Times, and the Weekly Spectator in Accra for a certain period. He was the Belgium correspondent for “The Voice Magazine,” published in the Netherlands, for seven years.

    He is now a prolific writer and an accredited card-holding member of “Vlaamse Journalisten Vereniging” (Flemish Journalists Association) in Belgium. He lives in Antwerp, Belgium with his wife and three children where he freelances for newspapers, magazines, and television.

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