The King of Heart, by H.J. Stellian

The King of Heart, by H.J. Stellian
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    The King of Heart is an allegory of the Bible in fairytale/fantasy form. Although not intended for children, the form chosen for this work is used in the same manner as traditional folk tales were used to pass on eternal truths to others whilst remaining hidden from materialistic scrutiny. Clearly, this novel isn't so subtle as to its source, but may well enlighten the reader as to how the Bible develops and its overall message to mankind. As one journeys through the novel, the reader may become aware of how the level of consciousness gently rises through centuries and continues right into our immediate future. In its pages, the reader will enjoy mystery, drama, suspense, action and humor.

    The novel is in seven parts:

    1. The Beezle Affair (The fall of Satan)
    2. The Mountain Children (The fall of Man)
    3. Alomonia (The establishment of Israel)
    4. Jesse (The Christ story)
    5. The Fishcart (The rise and decline of the Church)
    6. Rocky (The last Pope or spiritual leader)
    7. King Beezle (Reign of Anti-Christ, concluding with the second coming of Christ).

    Born in 1941, H.J. Stellian left his hometown Harrow in England after entering the adult world with unexpected suddenness; he lost his father when he was fourteen and his mother two years later. At seventeen, he contracted Tuberculosis, but the disease was not discovered until he reached eighteen. Consequently, he spent thirteen months in a sanatorium, where he had the lower part of his left lung removed.

    Stellian spent most of his life traveling; he visited and worked in many countries both in Europe and as far away as Australia. During his sojourn in Australia, he wrote the first drafts of this novel as a promise to the daughter of friends. Until then, he had only toyed around with the prospect of becoming a writer.

    H.J. does not consider himself to be a religious person in the conventional sense, but on a deeper, spiritual level finds himself drawn toward the wisdom of the scriptures as an invaluable source of comfort in our troublesome world. Later he hopes to write a companion book to this novel.

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