The Ignored War, by Sam Pender

The Ignored War, by Sam Pender
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    Most Americans look at Operation Desert Storm as the 100-hr Nintendo War. They watched it on TV, and the bomb sight footage resembled a video game. Most Americans were unaffected by the war as only 500,000+ participated. When the fighting was over, the troops came home, there was a parade, and everything went back to normal-the way it had been 8 months earlier. The No-Fly-Zones, occasional diplomatic scuffles, sanctions, and nearly annual bombing campaigns were little more than nightly news sideshows.

    Saddam and Iraq viewed the war very differently. From 1991 through 2003, every single Iraqi was a target in the war. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were killed, wounded, tortured, or at least impoverished. Some say those numbers may even be in the millions. Saddam never saw the war as having ended, and he said so weekly-even daily for 12 more years. With American and British bombers flying overhead, with Saddam still in power, with sanctions starving them, and with the repeated bombing campaigns, the war had in effect lasted for 12 full years. Hundreds of thousands more would die, and millions more suffered from the actions of Saddam, the United Nations, and from the United States.

    After the 1991 Cease-Fire Agreement was signed, the American people washed their hands of Iraq, and had to endure little more than the nightly news 2-3 minute reminders. Despite the massive death toll, for Americans, the period between Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom truly was an ignored war.

    Sam Pender is the author of:
    Iraq's Smoking Gun
    How Did It Come To This: The American Experience in the New World Order
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