Brandon's Trail, by Marvin Sosna

Brandon's Trail, by Marvin Sosna
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    ISBN 1-58939-875-0. Softcover. $13.95. 216 pages.
    This is the story of Brandon, age 10, his sister Samantha, age 3, and their parents who hike the 212 miles of the John Muir Trail. Told in Brandon's on-trail journal and narration that connects the journal entries, it takes the reader into storms and star-filled nights, through endless meadows and over towering passes, from lush Yosemite Valley to the peak of Mount Whitney. By the end, not only have we followed the adventure itself but we have a lot of understanding about and affection for their different personalities and the relationships which bind them.

    Marvin Sosna has spent 40 summers in the High Sierra. A former newspaper editor, he teaches journalism and is a writer, photographer and painter. His play, "Stage," was produced in 2002. He lives with his wife in Morro Bay, California.


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