An Inch From Murder: My Life as a Male Victim of Sexual Child Abuse, by Nealus

An Inch From Murder: My Life as a Male Victim of Sexual Child Abuse, by Nealus
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    ISBN 978-1-58939-730-9. $15.95. Softcover. 322 Pages.
    An Inch From Murder was written 20 years ago and is now being brought to print for the very first time and deals with life as a Male Victim of Sexual Child Abuse. Drawing from the memory of past molestations from the age of four until sixteen, a trauma unfolded in adulthood profiling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The uncanning of the abuse by seven men (including Catholic Priests, a policeman, close relatives and friends) resulted in the attempted murder of my latest assailant; the ensuing incarceration and the attempt now to bring the issues of Male Victimization into focus. I have come out from the main stratum of society to become a sexual abuse statistic; and a criminal statistic as well. Now, my desired hope is that I can prevent a victim of Sexual Child Abuse (SCA) from developing into a criminal statistic, and more importantly, work towards preventing the SCA statistic in the first place.

    I always thought that I would live a long life in order to tell my story. But at 52, I doubted that I'd have the strength to really tell what I needed to say, at some later date. I learned in June 2004 that my Congestive Heart Failure - Cardiomyopathy, had not improved and that I was in need of a Heart Transplant. I reminded myself of my pledge 20 years ago that "If I Might Save One Person's Life" from the misery that I suffered by telling my story; by having someone read, that there is hope and recognition for the abused, that you can get help before it's too late, then I truly will have accomplished something in my lifetime. From 1984 through 1986, I experienced a life of fear in a maximum security prison in Connecticut and in the States' Mental Institution for the Criminally Insane. I went back to the notes that I made 20 years ago in my jail cells of 15 months, and edited all that information as a Male Survivor of Sexual Child Abuse.


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