Nothing Is..., by Joseph M. Buckles

Nothing Is..., by Joseph M. Buckles
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    ISBN 978-1-62137-104-5 (softcover). $13.95. 124 pages.
    The topic for NOTHING IS . . .is so profound, yet evasive, that it presents insurmountable difficulties with conventional thinking, reading, and writing. While writing NOTHING IS . . . , Joseph Buckles kept in mind a poignant plaque given to him by a dear friend who wrote and edited for prominent writers such as Garrison Keillor. The plaque had only two simple words on it: "Eschew Obfuscation". Buckles reveals the ominous consequences of using a word that is the ultimate tool and icon of obfuscation: NOTHING. For some, NOTHING will never make sense, but others will learn something about NOTHING. They will consider the true origin of "creation out of NOTHING" and the vast, immeasurable implications that it holds. Using quotes, examples, humorous illustrations, and scripture, Buckles urges and challenges us to learn, think, speak, and write without ever saying NOTHING.


    I was born in later October 1942 in Portland, Oregon. The tragedies of Pearl Harbor were still heavy on the minds of Americans, much the same as 911 still is on our minds today. I grew up with an insatiable desire to learn, know, fix, test, build, and challenge. If I were a child today, I would be described as extreme ADD+! I was such a wiggle worm that my parents took me to a doctor because they suspected that I, indeed, did possibly have childhood worms! After the tests, the doctor simply assured my parents that I was just a “very normal” little boy.

    I attended Portland State College, Portland Community College, and other schools of learning, only to discover a severe quirk on our language. I hold several patents and have studied electronics. I have participated in ham radio was a journeyman electrician for 35 years. I was in real estate with a broker’s license for 35 years. All of this, alongside my personal faith in God, pointed to a need to thoroughly investigate this ongoing literary dichotomy: The understanding of “NOTHING.” I began to read and collect information about the history of the unusual word. For 25 years, I gathered news stories and famous quotes and quips, and I even wrote down some of the hilarious events of my life about “NOTHING.” The more I studied “NOTHING,” the more I was forced to conclude the overwhelming need to write a book on the topic.

    Ultimately, the absolute evidence all pointed to a single conclusion: “NOTHING IS…”

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