Mouse and Mole Street, by William M. Schaefer

Mouse and Mole Street, by William M. Schaefer
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    "Mouse and Mole Street," by William M. Schaefer. ISBN 978-0-98514-341-1 (softcover) $10.99. ISBN 978-0-98514-340-4 (hardcover) $17.99. 328 pages.

    Mouse and Mole Street is a diverse kind of place. Its residents include a Mole, a Thumb, a Cheese, a Rock, a Spider, a Potato, a Brick, and a Bird. It is (to use a term that Cheese might resent), a true "melting pot." What brings this pot to a boil is the Mole, who (a kind of Alfred E. Neuman meets Artful Dodger) cannot resist playing practical jokes on almost everyone he knows, a habit made even more outlandish by the cheeky wit he so frequently brings to the task. Whether the object of his humor is the intimidating Rock ("Do you know how to punish a bad rock, Thumb? You hit rock bottom"), the cowardly Potato ("It's one thing to be a public menace-another to be a public nebbish"), the nervous Cheese ("He's one curd who has definitely lost his whey"), the industrious Brick ("Gets around like lint at a naval academy"), the strange Bird ("Looks more like a pregnant mop"), or his own best friend the Thumb ("If you were a Toe, I'd step on you"), Mole's anics know no boundaries except the Street itself. But will the others have some tricks of their own.

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