Investing 101 to Semi-Pro - Successful Investing in Calm and Turbulent Markets, by Stan Balser

Investing 101 to Semi-Pro - Successful Investing in Calm and Turbulent Markets, by Stan Balser
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    ISBN 978-1-62137-044-4 (softcover) $12.95, 978-1-61237-045-1 (eBook) $9.99. 76 pages.

    After more than 42 years in the investment business, Stan Balser became acutely aware of the need for a book explaining why we absolutely should/MUST invest and how to go about it. Here he covers the basics of investing, the various types of investments, and the language of investing in an easy to understand, enjoyable read. He has included the basics of his own investment psychology, some of his strategies, strategies of others, and some profound philosophies. In this interesting and educational guide he “shoots down” some popular myths. Starting with the basics, he takes you by the hand through the choice of investments, where to get reliable information, what information is really important, and then, step-by-step through DO IT YOURSELF order entry. He guides you, warns you, encourages you, and helps you become a confident and successful investor handling your own investment with little or no outside help.


    After 42+ years with “full service” brokerage firms, Stan retired from the business he loved. Now he’s trading from home, online, and sharing his knowledge and insights on becoming a confident and successful investor in calm and turbulent markets.


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    Reviewer: Benjamin 12/07/2012
    Great book! Informative, easy to ready, five stars and 2 thumbs up, lets make some money! *****
    Reviewer: Milton 03/01/2013
    Excellent book for new investors and also great as a refresher. I highly recomment this book !
    Reviewer: Benjamin 12/07/2012
    Informative, easy to read, now my money is making me money! Thanks Stan! 2 thumbs up! 5 stars. *****
    This book was very informative, especially to someone who is new to investing. I especially enjoyed the differing investing/trading concepts. I now know what a call and put are and am not afraid to attempt them. I'm going to expand my trading practices as I build my portfolio from reading this book. I love the way the book explained in simple terms how I can make more money without a broker and little effort. The chapters are short and easy to refer to when needed. I can't wait for the sequel.
    Reviewer: jonathan 09/23/2012
    Concise, to the point, knowledgable & most of all entertaining However, sorry that I didn't read it before buying emerging market ETF's in 2/12 I'm ready for Investing 102 to Pro
    Great read. A lot of information in a manageable size. Excellent advice written in an easily understood format. Covers basic info up through more advanced concepts. MP Ft Lauderdale
    This is a good overview about investing, with short chapters giving lots of useful information, especially for beginning investors but it also has tips for more experienced investors.
    "This book was easy to read no technical mumbo-jumbo. Even though I am a seasoned investor, I learned several new, important things. The book even inspired me to write some simple options! The author's very nonaggressive approach to investing is the perfect guidepost for new investors, especially young adults. Two thumbs up."