Hungarian Gigolo, by Gabor G. Kubichek (EBOOK)

Hungarian Gigolo, by Gabor G. Kubichek (EBOOK)
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    "Hungarian Gigolo" by Gabor G. Kubichek. ISBN 978-1-60264-912-5 8 (ebook). 350 pages. $9.99

    Victor's first woman at an early age of thirteen-and-a-half-years was a hooker in Budapest, Hungary. He paid for her favors, but decided that was the first and last time he would pay for a woman. At fourteen, the women were taking a second look at him and he knew he had what they wanted.

    "Hungarian Gigolo" incorporates intrigue, drama and murder into a gripping story about one man's dream to immigrate to America.


    Gabe G. Kubichek was born in the historical town of Gödöllȍ, near the capital of Budapest, Hungary, in 1933. Gabe's hometown history goes back to 800 A.D. He grew up during the Depression and lived through German and Russian occupation in World War II. He and his brother, Matt, escaped the day before he was picked up to be executed for their active involvement in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Gabe immigrated to Canada and then moved to the United States in 1963. He later went to Vietnam and worked for the Department of Defense. After returning from Vietnam in 1975, he decided to move to the Northwest and got a job in Oregon where he worked for a CIA affiliated company and two High Tech companies. He retired in 2000 and, in 2002, joined the writers' group W.Y.T.T. (Write Yesterday Today and Tomorrow) in Salem, Oregon. Since he joined the writers' group, he has had several books published, including Gold and Where You Find It. The book was an award winner through Writers Digest's Self Published Book Award. One of his latest books is a science fiction/romance novel A Grant From Cosmos.


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