Don't Mess With Earth, by Cliff Ball

Don't Mess With Earth, by Cliff Ball
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    ISBN 978-1-60264-341-3, $12.95, softcover. 212 pages.
    Advanced humans, calling themselves Terrans, leave a highly corrupt and mostly primitive Earth to search out a new planet to inhabit. Once on a new planet, they begin exploring the rest of the galaxy and begin watching over their more primitive human cousins back on Earth. Some Terrans are well known in human history, people such as King Arthur, Galileo, Genghis Khan, and Amelia Earhart. The Terrans come across an alien species, called the Ragnor, that experiment on other species for no reason other than that they can. The Ragnor discover Earth by accident and start their abductions and experiments on the first set of humans they come across, the colonists on Roanoke Island. The Ragnor continue to cause mayhem and mischief on Earth, eventually getting shot down over Roswell, New Mexico. Once the humans on Earth figure out they're being manipulated by both sides, President Truman has the United States embark on a plan to pay back both the Terrans and the Ragnor with the technology created by Area 51. Once the plan is initiated, will Earth succeed in its payback or fail gloriously?

    Cliff Ball is the author of a short story called "Role Reversal" which was written in 1992 for a high school class in Creative Writing and won 3rd place and $35 for it in a contest sponsored by a Methodist magazine called "Youth," which was his first time being published. Cliff's next official published work, "Out of Time," came out in February 2008, and is a short science fiction novella. Out of Time is about a cloned scientist who figures out how to travel through time and the adventures he and his cohorts have throughout American history, from the Alamo in 1836 to the Challenger in 1986. Cliff is currently pursuing a Bachelor's of Art degree in English from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX; he hops to be finished by the spring semester of 2010, and also works full time for the public library as a Library Assistant. His website is, and if you're on Facebook, Cliff has a writer's page listed there.


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