Aging Americans Speak, by Jan Snow

Aging Americans Speak, by Jan Snow
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    ISBN 978-1-60264-147-1, $12.95, 130 pages
    Aging Americans Speak is about how men and women over the age of 65 feel about their lives through the years and in the future. They have spoken with candor about their families, their careers, their regrets, their successes, politics and religion. They were assured of confidentiality. You will find the older citizens in our country have definite ideas regarding today's morals and they have some good advice to give the younger generation. The author is 71 herself and has learned much from her peers. Mostly, she was impressed with the importance of family in their lives. Hopefully, the reader will receive many insights while reading this book about the courage and good humor of the participants.

    Jan Snow is a senior citizen, which helps her identify with all of the people who filled in her questionnaire. By reading this book she hopes it helps many people understand the feelings of older people. Jan lives in Bellingham, WA with her husband and has lived in the Northwest for 24 years. She has six children-four birth children and two step children. Three of her children live in the area and three live in the Northeast. Fifteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren fill her life to the brim. She considers herself very fortunate. She is originally from New York State and visits there periodically. Aging Americans Speak is her first book.

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