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Why God Should Come Before Your College Degree
Why God Should Come Before Your College Degree from $2.99
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Of Mist and Crystal
Of Mist and Crystal $16.95
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Mind Your Hair
Mind Your Hair from $9.99
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Shadow Men: An Encyclopedia of Mind Control
Shadow Men: An Encyclopedia of Mind Control from $19.99
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Recent Articles

“Morning Star Journey” Chronicles Adventures of Cornbread Mesa Ranch
November 19, 2015

Following the story of Finding Cornbread Mesa, Janna Gustaffeson's adventures continue in Morning Star Journey by author Judy McGrath. The future of their ranch land is threatened, a stalker appears on Janna's tail, and her sketching partner vanishes on an...

“7 Steps to Nutritional Balance” Educates and Empowers Health Seekers
November 17, 2015

Author Lu Crews reveals simple techniques to achieve vibrant health, delves into environmental toxins causing health problems, and exposes lies perpetrated by food and drug industry in 7 Steps to Nutritional Balance. The book provides the reader an easy to...

"Interface" FREE Kindle Download November 15th-17th!
November 10, 2015

The Kindle version of "Interface" will be a free download on November 15th-17th. The Facebook Event for the download can be found here and the direct link to the eBook is http://amzn.com/B013VSIMF! Editorial Reviews: "Interface" ... is so unlike anything I've ever read...

Kilted Cats Take the High Road to Scotland in “The Adventures of Angus and Edmond”
November 03, 2015

Angora-mix brothers Angus and Edmond embark on a mission to trace their roots in The Adventures of Angus and Edmond, written by Gunna Dickson. The two littermates travel from a shelter in New York City to the Highlands of Scotland...

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